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Our Team

Dr. Lara C. Roll


Lara C. Roll (PhD in Work and Organizational Psychology) is an EU-funded Marie Curie Fellow in the Research Group Work, Organizational and Personnel Psychology at KU Leuven. Further, she is an Extraordinary Professor in the Optentia Research Unit at North-West University (South Africa). Her research focuses on the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on employees and the future of work.

Prof. Hans De Witte


Hans De Witte (PhD in Psychology) is Full Professor in Work Psychology at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the KU Leuven, Belgium, where he is member of the Research Group Work, Organizational and Personnel Psychology (WOPP), part of the larger research unit Occupational & Organisational Psychology and Professional Learning (O2L). He is also appointed as Extraordinary Professor at North-West University in South Africa (Optentia Research Unit). His research includes the study of the psychological consequences of job insecurity, unemployment, temporary employment and downsizing, as well as mobbing and job stress (e.g. burnout) versus wellbeing at work (e.g. work engagement). He is member of the European Network of Work & Organizational Psychologists (ENOP). In July 2022, he received a lifetime Fellowship of the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology at the 15th EAOHP Conference “in recognition of an outstanding career contribution to the discipline of occupational health psychology”.

Haijiang Wang.jpg
Prof. Hai-Jiang Wang 


Hai-Jiang Wang is an associate professor in The School of Management at Huazhong University of Science and Technology. He received his PhD in Industrial Psychology at Eindhoven University of Technology (2017). His research focuses on work design, work stress and motivation in the contexts of newcomers, platform organisations, algorithm management, digitalised work and ageing. He is a member of Academy of Management and the International Association for Chinese Management Research. 

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